Gingko for Cellulite

GingkoPurportedly the oldest tree in the world, gingko is a deciduous tree that can grow to 100’ in height. Despite the repugnant smell of its yellow-green, plum-shape fruit, the Chinese have used gingko for centuries for its many medicinal properties. Since gingko is known to improve circulation and has strong anti-inflammatory properties, it may help improve the appearance of cellulite.12

  • Suggested dosage: 40-mg three times a day (standardized to at least 24% flavonoids). Taking gingko over the long-term seems to offer the most benefit.12
  • Precautions: The leaves and pulp of the gingko fruit may cause a skin reaction similar to that of poison ivy, and eating a large quantity of the seeds can be toxic enough to be deadly.12 Do not use gingko if you take MAOIs for depression, and use only with a doctor’s advice if you are taking blood thinning medication since gingko has anti-clotting properties as well.12 Fortunately the beneficial phytochemicals in gingko are available safely in capsule form at your local retail or health food store, or online.

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