Gotu Kola for Cellulite

Gotu.KolaThis tropical, creeping herb from the parsley family reputedly helps promote the formation of connective tissue, which may help prevent fat cells from pushing through the connective septae and forming the dimpled, orange-peel texture of cellulite. Gotu kola also improves circulation and acts as an anti-inflammatory, both of which may account for positive results in studies that have shown that it reduces cellulite.12-13

  • Suggested dosage: 60-120 mg/day, or make a tea with up to2 teaspoons of dried gotu kola steeped in hot water three times a day.12 It is also available in topical creams.13 Although some earlier studies suggested that excessive use of gotu kola topically may cause skin cancer, 5 other studies indicate that the bioactive phytochemicals in gotu kola can actually exercise anticancer effects on the skin.14 However, clinical studies demonstrate that you would have to use a gotu kola cream for at least three weeks before reaching the maximum accumulation of its active ingredients in your body.13
  • Precautions: Gotu kola should not be used by pregnant or nursing woman. It may cause an allergic skin reaction or sensitivity to sunlight. It may also interact with pharmaceutical anti-depressants and tranquilizers as well as blood pressure, diabetes, and cholesterol medication.12-13
Fibrous structure of strands that connect the skin dermis layer to the underlying muscle.

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