Cellulite Options for a Common Affliction

CellulitejpgCellulite, characterized by localized lumpy, dimpled, and orange-peel textured skin, is common in 98% of women and is considered by many to be an unsightly cosmetic problem. It most often occurs in the hips, thighs, and abdomen, and is the result of herniation of fat protruding from between the connective tissue fibers (septae) in the hypodermis up to the second layer of skin (dermis) below the surface (epidermis). 1

There are three main grades of cellulite, based on the severity of the condition: 1

  • Grade I. Smooth skin both standing and lying down, but appears dimpled if pinched.
  • Grade II. Skin is dimpled in appearance when standing or when pinched.
  • Grade III. Skin is dimpled regardless of position, and appears worse when pinched.

One recent study indicated that women with cellulite are also at greater risk of developing other skin-aging symptoms (i.e., loss of elasticity and thinning skin) at a much younger age than those without cellulite. Researchers suggest that those who have cellulite might benefit from proactive preventive measures to delay those effects. 2


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